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Mystic Minerals AU

Strawberry Quartz | Medium

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Strawberry Quartz is a crystal that embodies a very powerful love vibration. The energy of Strawberry Quartz is beneficial to settle emotions and give comfort therefore being a supportive crystal to have during life changes and to aid you as you go through any feelings of stress or worry.

You will receive one piece intuitively chosen. Please note the piece may not be pictured.

Appx in height: 7cm - 9cm
Appx in weight: 55 - 100g


Jewellery Information

Colours of stones and wire wrapping may colours may vary slightly from the picture. Please remember all stones are hand wrapped and are a one of a kind piece. 

Please note: even though the wire and necklace in each piece is tarnish resistant prolonged and/or incorrect wear may cause this jewellery to tarnish over time.

All Jewellery pieces are not water resistant and we recommend not wearing in the water or they may fade and tarnish.