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Mystic Minerals AU

Smokeless Cleanse - Sage Blend

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Handmade with intention our Smokeless Cleanse Sage Blend is perfect for on the go or holidays where you may not be able to use your regular smudge sticks or perfect for those that want to use sage but prefer not to light a smudge stick. 

Direction: Spray whenever you need to cleanse your space, aura or even crystals. Use when and however you feel necessary. Great for suing when you are unable to burn a piece of Sage.

Affirmation: “I release all that doesn’t serve me.”

Ingredients: Crystal Infused Water, Witch Hazel and Sage Essential Oils. 

Caution: Whilst room sprays are diluted with crystal infused water there is still the possibility of skin irritation. Should any irritation occur - discontinue use immediately. Do not spray room sprays directly into eyes or directly onto skin. Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant and/or nursing or under the care of a doctor, seek their consult before use. 

Jewellery Information

Colours of stones and wire wrapping may colours may vary slightly from the picture. Please remember all stones are hand wrapped and are a one of a kind piece. 

Please note: even though the wire and necklace in each piece is tarnish resistant prolonged and/or incorrect wear may cause this jewellery to tarnish over time.

All Jewellery pieces are not water resistant and we recommend not wearing in the water or they may fade and tarnish.